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Reducing mental health waiting times using emis web at nhs. Patient access gp online service platform emis health. Emis web training appointments and clever configuration. You can save time by configuring the appointment book to automatically start a new consultation when a patient is sent in. Emis access is the new and convenient way to book a gp appointment over the internet at carronbank medical practice. My health online emis pcs configuration guide health in wales. Emis mobile allows clinicians to securely access the information they need at the pointofcare. Seamless appointment booking when a referral is needed for an ooh service provider or a gp, we can now provide an api to share and book available appointments through adastra into emis web. Press f10 from any screen in emis web to open the appointment quick view screen. They dont need to log into another system or rekey information and there is no risk of double booking an appointment. Medical messenger allows you to send unlimited text messages directly from your practice appointment book. When users book appointments, emis web adds a booking note to the appointment slot, but this note is not transferred if the booking is moved. To create a session and apply filters click on the emis bubble and select appointments then appointment book. Its quick and easy to use, and can be particularly useful during those times when the practice is closed or telephone lines are busy or if you are away from home.

Select refine times list, if required, to filter by practice member, gender or language. The user id is the access id number followed by 0 followed by the practice cdb number e. Fy15 detailed schedule revised 120815 note that prior to fy15, this document was formatted differently and was called a processing schedule. The systems electronic appointment book can be scanned instantly for spare slots, and quickly filled. Select the desired numbers for book no soonerlater than days this determines the number of days before an appointment that it can be booked online. From here you can access the appointment book or send in a patient as. Business continuity in emis web when business continuity bc is active, the application checks regularly for restored connectivity. The access id number will be displayed in the patient details box. Appointments can be booked and cancelled online, reducing dna rates and freeing up more time for patients in urgent need of an appointment. Patient access book appointments and repeat prescriptions. Click on the appts config button on the ribbon at the top of the screen. Through its patient access service, emis was the first clinical system providers to enable patients to book gp appointments online and order repeat prescriptions.

The uks first gp appointment booking app was launched today enabling patients to book appointments with their doctor directly from their smartphone. Emis web is the most widely used primary care clinical. Jul 17, 2018 using emis web remote consultations with the appointment book hosted in emis web clinical services. Sooner nearest time to the appointment, often 0 to include on the day. Book gp and pharmacy appointments, order online prescriptions and view your medical record at your convenience.

Navigating around emis web from the home page youtube. Emis web is the computer system the practice moved to use in sept 20. Gp connect 111 appointment configuration herefordshire. Request repeat prescriptions online, with delivery of your prescription to your preferred pharmacy. Emis patient booking services st james health centre. Emis web uks leading integrated clinical it system emis health. Creating a specific appointment session template will help to standardise the way the sessions appear in the emis web appointment book. Information on the features and improvements in each release.

The appointment type and priority fields are completed with the information you entered in emis web. How to book cross organisational appointments in emis web on. Join the patient access panel and help improve our services. The most widely used clinical system in the uk, emis web provides realtime. And because we integrate with most scanners and document management system docman you can scan and save your documents directly into emis web, saving on admin time. Click the emis ball in the top left hand corner of the screen and select appointments. Creating nhs ereferrals in emis refer to the emis web. Select the date for the appointment, or use the arrows left and right. Vimeo gives control freaks the power to tweak every aspect of their embedded videos.

To get to templates, click the run template button top of screen. Whether online or offline, emis mobile enables clinicians to view appointments and uptodate medical records, making it easier to deliver care closer to home. Brand new emis mobile for ios secure access to emis web anytime, anywhere. Interoperability delivered by riviams appointment booking. Book gp practice appointments patient access support portal. Select appointments from the dashboard, then select book new appointment. If you are located in an area that offers gp and pharmacy appointments, select appointment at your gp practice. Emis web a voyage of surprises and usually nasty ones. Emis data collection calendar for 20152016 posted 12816 draft. The new service allows messages to be sent quicker and sent to branch sites, the new messages service also improves perform in the appointment book. The patient access mobile app, from the uks leading health information site. If your practice does not offer nurse appointments via emis access you will not be able to book one, and will have to contact the practice in the usual way. Many practices dont offer nurse appointments because unlike most doctors, nurses book very different amounts of time for different procedures. Click, point to appointments, then click appointment.

With patient access, you can book gp appointments and order repeat prescriptions on the web or with an app. First gp appointment booking app launched emis health. Gps using emis web can book appointments in real time into tpp systmone. Find out how patient access works and how you can register. On the left hand column of the screen under session holder filter, find and ensure there is a tick next to your name 3. Find the patient within emis web in the usual manner 2. If you are referring on behalf of a gp, you will need to reselect a referring clinician on this screen. Using emis web remote consultations with the appointment book hosted in emis web clinical services. Emis access is the new and convenient way to book a gp. If you have already registered for the gp surgery online services such as systmonline or emis web then skip this step by clicking yes button and you will be able to access the online booking system. Emis data collection calendars ohio department of education. Emis web how to guide v2 an alphabetical list of top tips, hints, template locations and a general how to do stuff.

First of all you must register to use the internet appointment booking facility. One of the key functions of your emis web appointment book is that it is designed to automatically update itself whenever a change is made, so that you always. Book facetoface or remote online appointments with your gp, nurse or clinician at a time that suits you. Data analysis via the emis web clinical system has enabled it experts to check demand and plan capacity weeks in advance.

Emis web functionality is driven by connecting for health job roles r codes and activity codes b codes emis development team linked featuresfunctions to specific codes if a user has a b code as part of their profile they can perform the associated functions why is web rbac driven. The processing schedules for previous years can be found in the archives. Business continuity in emis web nhs oxfordshire ccg. Queries regarding the appointments module in emis web including week templates, holidays and closures, appointment reporting, and the. Once registered you will be able to book, cancel or amend appointments online up to one month in advance. Use the following table as a guide to the icons displayed in the appointment book when the appointment status is updated using emis mobile, which then synchronises with emis web. Provide secure twoway messaging between clinicians and patients for improved communication, reducing the need for lengthy facetoface appointments. It will also allow clinicians to share tasks and book appointments across systems, so that they can work more closely no matter where they are located. For more information, have a look at the official emis manual ug164 emis web getting started. Emis web had been rolled out to 3,750 practices in september 2014.

Whether online or offline, emis mobile enables clinicians to view and book appointments and uptodate medical records, making it easier to deliver care closer to home. Patient access also enables patients to access their own records online. Suitable for both clinicians and nonclinicians who have an understanding of emis web datetime. Navigate to the emis appointment book to complete the following information. Its like a 24hour gp receptionist in the palm of your hand. Creating specific slot types is a good way of searching. Get emis mobile by emis health microsoft store engb. Patients also automatically receive confirmation texts and reminders, and are able to cancel appointments with the reply to text facility which automatically updates your clinical system make the most of messaging. To improve patient access to our services we offer a 24 hour online appointment booking system. Appointment session holder click yes if the staff member will see patients patient facing service booking if the above is yes can any patient book appointment s via patient facing services or just their own registered patients consulter click yes or no user mnemonic select the user initials if possible these will show in emis audit trails. However, if you add a slot note to an appointment slot using slot properties, it remains with the appointment slot, whether the slot is booked or free.

Instructions on downloading and using the efi evaluation tool in emis web. Extended access instructions for emis web clinician how to guide. Emis web is a clinical system for delivering integrated healthcare. See steps below on how to create slot types, a session category and a appointment list for triage. This interface allows adastra 111 clients to make appointments via pathways and dos, and adastra ooh users. Extended access instructions for emis web clinician how to. It makes patient information recorded in emis web available to providers using inps, microtest and tpp clinical systems and vice versa. Mar 02, 2011 dr vijay illustrates how to navigate yourself around emis web from the home page. You can book an appointment by calling the practice on 0151 295 3800 or alternatively. Knowledge base welcome to emis now customer support. Scheduling new patient appointment using right click on schedule.

With a fully integrated appointment management system you can configure your own views, filters, slot types, categories and templates so you can build an appointment book that best meets your needs. Emis web allows healthcare professionals to record, share and use vital information, so they can provide better, more efficient care. You can book an appointment by calling the practice on 0151 295 3800 or alternatively emis access online appointment booking. Once you have logged into emis web with your username and password on the home screen, go to the appointment book through the emis ball on the top left and then select click appointments 2. Later latest time from the appointment, often 28 days 1. Introducing the digital proactive care plan for emis web duration. This will open the appointment configuration screen 4. Transcript jenny bradshaw emis web sorting out rbac emis web sorting out rbac what is emis web rbac. Dec 22, 2011 we have made changes to the screen messages service in emis web as we have changed the service used to send the messages. When bc detects restored connectivity, all emis web users receive a screen message, prompting them to restart to access live emis web.

And because we integrate with most scanners and document management system docman you can scan and save your documents directly into emis web. The practice can then use this to fulfill requests and reserve some gp connect slots for 111 or limit the number of slots an improved access service can book in an appointment session. Access to appointment quick view for the logged in session holder. Jun, 2019 learn how to start out with and then effectively manage the emis appointment book, also shown will be hints and tips in optimising the configuration of the rest of emis web hopefully saving you time and effort. Discover over 30 services available at your local pharmacy. You can book and cancel appointments any time of the day. Extended access instructions for emis web hub reception. Choose and book is launched within emis web, displaying the service search criteria screen.

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