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Theon, the castrated viking history behind game of thrones. Following his fathers failed rebellion against the iron throne, theon is taken as a ward initially hostage to lord eddard stark of winterfell. But in season sevens finale, the dragon and the wolf, there is a little bit of hope that things will be coming around for. A controversial characters that many hated in acok, theon became sympathetic to many readers in adwd. He is best known for playing theon greyjoy in the hbo series game of thrones 20112019. The rise and fall of theon then comes to a point where he must shed the persona of reek to try and do something brave for a. Im more interested in discussing hbos game of thrones showrunners decisions in regards to theon greyjoys storyline, as presented in season three of the show. Theon greyjoy alfie allen begins game of thrones as the cocky ward to ned stark.

Because the boltons are flayers, i assumed hed been flayed, maybe little by little, until there was nothing but some kind of hideous strips hanging there. On sunday nights episode, ramsay forced a hysterical theon greyjoy, exward of the stark family, to watch the sexual assault against sansa but in martins book, theon. Alfie evan allen born 11 september 1986 is an english actor. This process takes no more than a few hours and well send you an email once approved. What on earth is game of thrones doing to theon greyjoy. Game of thrones s03e10 balon greyjoy recieves quite the package from ramsay bolton duration. Every game of thrones book you can read after the final. It rules over the iron islands, a harsh and bleak collection of forbidding islands off the west coast of westeros, from the seastone chair in the castle of pyke on the island of the same name. Theon is the youngest son and presumptive heir of balon greyjoy, taken as a ward by lord eddard stark following balons failed rebellion. Clues about the ironborn and house greyjoy from real viking history guest blog. Or my onepart post defending ned stark, for that matter. The latest theon greyjoy news, rumors, gifs, predictions, and more from winter is coming. Oct 24, 20 balon greyjoy and his daughter yara asha in the books receive a parcel, a special gift, and a mysterious letter, sealed by what looks like piece of skin and house boltons flayed man sigil.

As written in a song of ice and fire, theon grejoy is one of the most interesting. Also in this page spoilers are allowed and encouraged. If i got justice, my burnt body would hang over the gates of winterfell. Most of the pictures here are not my creations, i take no credit for them. Theon greyjoy george plantagenet, 1st duke of clarence. At the end of greyjoys rebellion, theon was taken to winterfell as a hostage and ward to lord eddard stark. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other comic vine users. Alfie evan allen born 12 september 1986 is an english actor. An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. Jun 03, 2012 theon greyjoy, the living embodiment of yolo. In addition to being the body double for theon, dunbar also appeared onscreen as a stark bannerman and a soldier in the battle of the bastards.

Theon is the youngest son and presumptive heir of balon greyjoy. Theon greyjoy is a neutral good character, because while he is motivated to do the right thing, ultimately he will do what is possible to save his own skin. He became a ward of ned stark after robert and ned crushed theons father in the greyjoy rebellion shortly after roberts own. Theon is the youngest son of balon greyjoy and the heir to the iron islands. At the end of greyjoy s rebellion, theon was taken to winterfell as a hostage and ward to lord eddard stark. Jan 18, 2017 i finally managed to get around to reading a dance with dragons, the fifth book in the game of thrones series. Yet for some reason, the show decided to keep theon greyjoy alive a few weeks back. Things you never knew about theon and reek screenrant. He may not have wielded the knife or torch, but he fully knew what was going to happen. Percy jackson wont be very involved, but its an element in the story. Feb 11, 2016 its a story rich with political intrigue and dark fantasy, but at its heart its a story about people. This isnt going to be a sixpart series defending theon greyjoys actions or character like i did with jon snow. He is best known for playing theon greyjoy in the television series game of thrones 20112019, for which he came to international attention and received a primetime emmy award nomination in 2019.

For those not familiar with the books, the character of theon greyjoy is captured and tortured, badly, by ramsay snow later ramsay bolton. This scene is from season 2 episode 10, valar morghulisfinale of game of thrones. Seems almost worse than castration or even a straight hatchet job, and book theon is panicked at the idea of anyone seeing it, either way. House greyjoy of pyke is one of the great houses of westeros. Knowing theon, he probably ordered their death on cleftjaws advice. How bad was theon tortured in the books as compared to the. He is headed to essos in pursuit of euron greyjoy, who has theon s sister, yara. Game of thrones tv series 20112019 alfie allen as theon greyjoy. I dont know what theyd done but that day is marked in history as theons realization of his milfsexual awakening. The head of the family is traditionally known as the lord reaper of pyke. He is the brother of balon greyjoy, the late king of the iron islands, and euron greyjoy, his successor, as well as the uncle of balons children, yara and theon greyjoy. A character who tends to receive much hate from both readers and viewers of the series and show is theon greyjoy, resident turncloak now under the captivity and torturous hands of ramsay snow. Jul 26, 2017 theon jumping off the boat on game of thrones reactions brutally hilarious reactions to that theon greyjoy moment on game of thrones july 26, 2017 by laura marie meyers. It was probably cleftjaw himself or theon s men who actually killed the boys and burned the bodies.

Theon greyjoy is a fictional character in the a song of ice and fire series of fantasy novels by american author george r. Imo, theon s arc is one of the best in asoiaf, but ill get into that a little more in the comments. Jul 25, 2017 what the hell is game of thrones doing with theon greyjoys arc. Allen was born in hammersmith, london, the son of film producer alison owen and welshborn actor keith allen. After eddards execution in kings landing, theon pledges his loyalty to eddards eldest son, king robb. Aeron greyjoy, commonly referred to as aeron damphair, is a drowned man in service to the drowned god, the deity worshiped by the ironborn of the iron islands off the western coast of westeros. And today id like to talk about probably the single most misunderstood and frankly, human character in the entire series. When ella, the daughter of the goddess of love and beauty, is thrown into world that is not at all her own, she must do what she can to survive. What the hell is game of thrones doing with theon greyjoy s arc. Prince theon greyjoy is the fourth and youngest child of lord balon greyjoy, ruler of the iron islands, and his wife lady alannys.

He is shown in adwd catching and promptly devouring a live rat when the jailer suddenly comes in and his. Game of thrones once pranked alfie allen aka theon. Its not totally clear where euron has kept yara captive. Theon greyjoy last edited by victor25 on 040119 05. Martin, and its television adaptation game of thrones. Of the many, many reunions weve seen so far on season 8 of game of thrones, sansa stark and theon greyjoy s may have been the most touching. Its been more than 20 years since the book a game of thrones was released, but mere hours since hbos eightseason show of the same name. Without spoilering too much, theons capture takes place at the end of book 2 a clash of kings sort of like it did in the tv show and whe. In the books, the torture happens, but mostly takes place offscreen or is mentioned in flashback. And, well, because game of thrones once pulled a fake script prank on alfie allen involving the fate of theon, allen was convinced early in the series that his character wouldnt survive. Chaotic neutral king euron greyjoy, is an egotistical character that forced his way onto the iron throne by marrying cersei in the final episodes of the show.

Theon greyjoy is a member of house greyjoy and is the sole surviving son and heir apparent of balon greyjoy, lord of the iron islands. Feelgood played the executioner ilyn payne in four episodes mackenzie crook from pirates of the caribbean 1. After the assassination attempt on bran he is one of those that catelyn. Game of thrones characters first and last appearances. The treatment in the show was mild and gentle compared to the levels of psychological and physical torture theon is subjected to in the books. He is the younger brother of rodrik, maron, and asha greyjoy. Yara and theon greyjoy have allied themselves with daenerys targaryen, but somewhere out. Theon greyjoycatelyn tully stark works archive of our own. A lot of things happened in the episode titled stormborn, but its the tail end of the drama that had us frantic for answers. He is best known for playing theon greyjoy in the hbo series game of thrones. He remains there when eddard stark leaves for kings landing with his retinue. Main spoilers okay weird question about theon greyjoy. Today, audible issues a new audiobook based on jodi taylors the chronicles of st mary s series.

Alfie allen as theon greyjoy in game of thrones hbo we need to talk about theon why the stakes for theon greyjoys fate are higher than any other game of thrones. This weeks character discussion will be on theon greyjoy. Ellaria sand and yara greyjoy are getting flirty aboard a ship in front of theon but, unfortunately for the ladies, they are rudely intercepted by the other iron fleet. Surprising celebrity cameos game of thrones wiki guide ign. Prince theon greyjoy was the youngest son of king balon greyjoy of the iron islands and the younger brother of rodrik, maron, and yara greyjoy. Its been almost a decade since the release of the latest book in the epic. May 16, 20 theon greyjoy takes winterfell, asha comes and tells him to sack the city and take all the loot he can and return to the iron islands what he really should have done in retrospect.

Jun 10, 20 ramsay balton showing how he is not a savage. You dont need to read the pjo books to read this fanfic. First introduced as ned stark s bastard, jon snow kit harington rose up the ranks of the nights watch and convinced daenerys, winterfell, and the wildlings to join forces to defeat the night king and his white walkers. Character analysis theon greyjoy tea, books and critical. Andrew dunbar, theon greyjoys body double on game of thrones.

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